Bottomcase MacBook Pro 13″ A2251

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Bottomcase MacBook Pro 13″ A2251 Spare Part

If the bottom of your MacBook Pro is completely dented or damaged, that’s no problem. It is one of the spare parts that is easiest to replace.

The bottom case of a MacBook Pro is the lower portion of the laptop’s exterior housing. It is typically made of aluminum or plastic, and is located beneath the keyboard and above the legs or feet of the laptop.

The bottom case serves several purposes. It helps to protect the internal components of the MacBook Pro, such as the battery and motherboard, from damage. It also provides a surface for the laptop to sit on, and helps to dissipate heat generated by the internal components. Additionally, the bottom case typically includes several openings or vents that allow air to flow through the laptop and keep it cool.


How to: Replace MacBook 13″ A2251 Bottomcase

13" Inch 2020 MacBook Pro A2251 Disassembly Display Screen LCD Assembly Replacement Repair



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