Keyboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2251

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Keyboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2251 Spare Part

MacBook keyboards are known for their precision and accuracy, which helps users to type quickly and efficiently. The keys on a MacBook keyboard are typically well-spaced and have a good amount of travel, which makes them easy to press and comfortable to use.

The keyboard on a MacBook is a “butterfly mechanism” keyboard. This type of keyboard uses a butterfly mechanism beneath each keycap to provide a stable, responsive key press. This mechanism is designed to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear than traditional scissor-switch keyboards.

One of the main benefits of a MacBook keyboard is its backlighting feature, this allows users to type in low-light environments and makes it easy to find the right key. Additionally, the MacBook keyboard is also equipped with a variety of shortcut keys that allow users to quickly access common functions and features, such as adjusting the volume or brightness.

In recent years, some users have reported issues with MacBook keyboard, specifically the butterfly mechanism keyboard, like sticking keys, double-typing or non-responsive keys. However, Apple has acknowledged these issues and has taken steps to address them in newer models, such as introducing a new keyboard design in the MacBook Pro 16-inch in 2019.

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