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When should you start a repair yourself? One could assume we would immediately say: always! But in everyday life it looks a little different and therefore we would give you a few criteria.

How old is your Apple product?

If your iPhone or Macbook is only a year or two old, we would simply send it to Apple for repair. You get the best display quality, you have no risk of damage and you also get a 90-day guarantee. It’s expensive, yes. But the Apple device is so new that we think it’s worth going directly to Apple.

Self-repair is particularly worthwhile if the device has already exceeded the three- or four-year period. Here it is often the case that the costs at Apple almost exceed the current value. In this case, it makes sense to look for a cheap spare part and carry out the repair yourself. It is also possible to use displays that do not quite match the original quality. For a four or five-year-old device, which is perhaps only taken to sports anyway or is intended for the children, this is a good repair that is in line with the current market value.

There is often the situation that Macs, for example, are still running and are still in software support, but Apple has already stopped supplying spare parts. This is usually the case for products around five years old. In this case, you cannot even get a new iMac display from Apple for money and kind words. However, it is also absurd to simply throw away the otherwise functional device. In this case, self-repair is the only and much cheaper way.

A little manual skill is required.

The repair is in your hands – literally. So if you tend to have gross motor skills or don’t have the patience for money, you might want to visit a hobbyist friend from your circle of acquaintances. But if you think you can do a repair, then watch the appropriate video beforehand to prepare. It is always important: everything is possible with caution. In addition, everything that a person has assembled can usually be disassembled again.

However: something can always go wrong! If you tear off a connector or otherwise damage the device in any way, you need to see a professional. We would advise you to concentrate on the matter. Nothing is impossible and you will be surprised what a great feeling it is to have repaired a device yourself!

Perhaps you can first replace the battery on an old, discarded iPhone in preparation for a major repair project. You learn a lot and get a good feeling for what is important and what you should pay attention to. So dare! The more people fix something, the better!

Spare parts are all available separately!

The advantage of our spare parts list is that all parts are available individually. Apple usually only offers complete packages, even if, for example, only one button or one socket is defective. Then you can exchange these parts for only a few euros (your working hours will of course be added) in order to keep the device in operation at a fair price.

It can also be very worthwhile to replace displays for MacBooks yourself. With all spare parts, however, it should be noted that these are almost exclusively shipped from China. Depending on the legal situation in your country, there is usually an additional import sales tax, sometimes also customs. Keep that in mind when calculating.