Adhesive Strips Display iMac 21,5″ A1418 – Set

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Adhesive Strips Display iMac 21,5″ A1418 – Set – Spare Part


New A1418 LCD Screen Adhesive Strips for iMac 21.5” A1418

Sticker Tape/Display Adhesive Strip 5Sets/10Sets 2012-2015

Very handy – and necessary – when you want to put your new iMac display back on. As Apple works without screws in this case, you need some adhesive strips. This kit comes in the right dimensions.

An adhesive strip is a strip of adhesive material that is used to hold two surfaces together. Adhesive strips are often used in electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, to secure components in place or to hold the device together.

In the context of an iMac, an adhesive strip may be used to secure components inside the device, such as the logic board or the hard drive. It may also be used to hold the device together, such as attaching the display to the body of the iMac.

Adhesive strips are typically made of a strong and durable material, such as a synthetic rubber, and are designed to provide a secure and long-lasting bond between the two surfaces. They are often used in conjunction with other types of fasteners, such as screws or clips, to provide additional stability and support.


How to Replace iMac 21,5″ A1418 Adhesive Strips

We have found several good videos for you. For preparation it is always helpful to watch several manuals.

⚙️🖥️🛠️ 21.5" iMac Screen LCD or Retina Replacement 2012-2017 (A1418)

Apple iMac A1418 Screen Assembly Replacement





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