Apple Watch Series 5 Battery

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Apple Watch Series 5 Digitizer GPS & Cellular

Apple Watches that have been used for years will eventually need a new battery.

The price of an Apple Watch Series 5 battery replacement will depend on a number of factors, including the specific model of the watch and the location where the repair is being performed. In general, the cost of a battery replacement for an Apple Watch Series 5 can range from $49 to $69, depending on the model of the watch and the repair location. It is worth noting that Apple offers a warranty for its devices, including the Apple Watch, which may cover the cost of certain repairs, including battery replacements. If your watch is still covered by the warranty, it is worth checking with Apple to see if the battery replacement will be covered under the warranty. If you are looking to save money on a battery replacement, it is a good idea to shop around and compare prices at different repair centers or authorized Apple service providers or do it yourself.

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How to: Apple Watch Series 5 Battery Repair

How to replace the battery on Apple Watch Series 5 40mm (5 mins)



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