Battery iPhone 11 Pro 2019 A2160 A2215 A2217

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Replacement battery iPhone 11 Pro 2019

The L-shaped battery enables the iPhone 11 to have very good battery life, which is sometimes even longer than that of the 12 series.

The iPhone 11 Pro features an L-shaped battery, which is a type of battery design that allows for a larger capacity within a smaller space. This is achieved by using a battery cell that is bent into an L-shape, which allows it to fit into the corners of the phone’s body and make use of otherwise unused space. The L-shaped battery design also allows for more efficient charging, as it allows for more evenly distributed heat dissipation during the charging process. As a result, the iPhone 11 Pro’s battery can charge more quickly and maintain a stable temperature during use. Overall, the L-shaped battery design is a major factor in the iPhone 11 Pro’s ability to provide long battery life and fast charging speeds.


How to replace Battery of iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement

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iPhone 11 Pro battery replacement



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