Battery MacBook Pro 13″ A1278 Mid 2012- Type A1322

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Battery MacBook Pro 13″ A1278 Replacement Part

The low battery prices help keep old MacBook Pros that still have an optical drive in use.

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The MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2012) model was the last MacBook Pro model to include a built-in Ethernet port. The Ethernet port is a type of wired network connection that allows the computer to connect to the internet or a local network through a wired cable connection.

The inclusion of the Ethernet port in the MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2012) model was seen as a valuable feature for professionals and users who needed a reliable and fast internet connection. The Ethernet port allowed users to connect to a wired network, which can provide faster and more stable internet connection compared to a wireless connection.

Additionally, the Ethernet port also allowed users to connect to other devices on a local network, such as servers, printers, and storage devices. This was particularly useful for professionals in fields such as video editing, photography, and graphic design, who often need to transfer large files quickly and reliably.

After the Mid 2012 model, all MacBook Pro models (13-inch and 15-inch) have been released without an ethernet port, instead they rely on wireless connections such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Apple has also included a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter which allows users to connect to a wired network using a Thunderbolt port.


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