Bezel white MacBook A1342

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Bezel white MacBook A1342 Replacement Part

The bezel is the frame or border around the display of a laptop or computer monitor. On a MacBook, the bezel is the part of the laptop that surrounds the display and holds it in place. On a MacBook Late 2009, the bezel is white and is made of plastic.

The bezel serves a number of important functions. It helps to hold the display in place and protects it from damage. It also helps to seal the display to keep out dust and debris. In addition, the bezel houses the webcam and other sensors that are used to power features such as FaceTime and other apps.


Laptop LCD Front Bezel Frame White for MacBook 13″ Screen Cover MC207 MC516 Late 2009 Mid 2010 Year


How to Replace Bezel of White MacBook A1342

Bezel and Webcam Removal for Apple A1342 13" White Unibody MacBook



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