DC-IN Jack Board MacBook Pro 15″ A1398

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DC-IN Jack Board MacBook Pro 15″ A1398 Replacement Part

If the MacBook Pro no longer charges, the MagSafe port may be defective. This can easily be changed. Other reasons can be a defective battery or a problem on the logic board.

MagSafe is a power connector technology developed by Apple for its MacBook and MacBook Pro line of laptops. The original MagSafe, also known as MagSafe 1, was introduced in 2006 and uses a magnetic connector to connect the power cord to the laptop. The magnetic connection allows the cord to easily disconnect if it is accidentally pulled, reducing the risk of damage to the laptop or the power cord. MagSafe 1 uses a T-shaped connector that is inserted into the laptop’s power port, and the cord is attached to the other end of the T-shaped connector. MagSafe 1 chargers were compatible with MacBooks and MacBook Pros released between 2006 and 2012.


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