Display Assembly iPhone 6s Plus 2015 A1634 A1687 A1699

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Replacement display iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus with its large display, fast processor, long software support and audio port is a real iPhone classic.

The iPhone 6s Plus was a very popular smartphone when it was released in September 2015. It was the larger version of the iPhone 6s and featured a 5.5-inch display, making it one of the first large-screen iPhones. The iPhone 6s Plus was well-received by consumers and critics alike, and it helped solidify Apple’s position as a leader in the smartphone market.

One of the reasons the iPhone 6s Plus is considered an iconic model is that it introduced a number of new technologies and features that were groundbreaking at the time. For example, it was the first iPhone to feature 3D Touch, a technology that allowed users to interact with their phone in new ways by applying different levels of pressure to the screen. The iPhone 6s Plus was also one of the first phones to be powered by Apple’s A9 chip, which provided a significant boost in performance over the previous generation of iPhones.

Overall, the iPhone 6s Plus was a very successful and influential device that helped shape the direction of the smartphone market.


How to Replace an iPhone 6s Plus Display

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