Hinge Cover MacBook

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Hinge Cover MacBook Pro Replacement Part

The hinge cover is a small, plastic piece that is located on the hinge of the MacBook’s display. The hinge cover is designed to protect the inner workings of the hinge, as well as to provide a more polished, finished appearance to the device.

On MacBook models that have a hinge cover, it is usually located on the back of the display, and it is typically made of plastic or metal. The hinge cover is held in place by small clips or screws, which keep it securely attached to the hinge assembly.

The hinge cover can become loose or detached over time, especially if the laptop has been dropped or bumped. If the hinge cover is loose, it can cause the display to wobble or move around when the laptop is in use. If the hinge cover is missing or broken, it can also expose the inner workings of the hinge and make the device look less polished and less professional.

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