Lightning Port Cable iPhone XS 2018 A1920 A2097 A2098 A2100

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The iPhone XS has fast-charging capabilities, which means it can charge faster than a device with standard charging. To take advantage of fast charging, you’ll need to use a compatible fast charger and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Apple recommends using the 18W USB-C power adapter that came with the iPhone or a similar one, as well as a USB-C to Lightning cable, which is also included with the iPhone.

To fast charge your iPhone XS, follow these steps:

1. Plug the USB-C end of the cable into a compatible fast charger.
2. Plug the Lightning end of the cable into your iPhone XS.
3. Make sure your iPhone is turned on and not in Low Power Mode.
4. Wait for the charging indicator to appear on your iPhone’s display.

Your iPhone should start charging quickly, and you should be able to get up to a 50% charge in about 30 minutes. Note that fast charging may not be as fast if you’re using a charger or cable that’s not compatible with the fast-charging feature.


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