Logic Board Mainboard MacBook Air A1466

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Logic Board Mainboard MacBook Air A1466 Replacement Part

Air 13 “A1466 Logic Board 2013-2014 820-3437-A 1,3G/1,4G 4GB 1,7G 8GB 820-00165-A

A malfunctioning logic board can cause a variety of issues, such as a non-functioning keyboard or trackpad, no display, or a completely non-responsive device. In some cases, a damaged logic board may be repairable, but in other instances it may need to be replaced.

If you suspect that the logic board of your MacBook Air is damaged, it is important to have it inspected and repaired or replaced.

How to Replace MacBook Air A1466 Logic Board


Macbook Air 13" 2012-2017 (A1466) - Logic Board Replacement




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