Logicboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2338

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Logicboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2338 Spare Part

If you have to replace the entire logic board, that is also possible. But calculate beforehand whether the costs incurred are worth it for you.

Water damage can be a serious issue for a MacBook Pro 13-inch. If liquid comes into contact with the device, it can cause damage to the internal components, such as the keyboard, trackpad, battery, and logic board. The damage can be immediate or may not appear until later on.

If your MacBook Pro 13-inch has been exposed to water, it is important to act quickly to try to prevent further damage. First, turn off the device and unplug it from any power source. Then, remove any excess liquid with a clean, dry cloth. Do not try to turn on the device or press any buttons as this can cause further damage.

How to: Replace MacBook 13″ A2338 Logicboard

2020 M1 13" inch MacBook Pro A2338 Near Complete Disassembly Liquid Spill Repair Speakers Fan Screen



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