Only LCD Display MacBook Air A1466 Mid 2012 – 2017

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Only LCD replacement part MacBook Air A1466

If you want to invest some time, you can also just replace the actual LCD panel instead of the entire display cover of the Macbook Air. This is much more complex, but can keep the costs very low for old devices.

There are two main types of LCD displays: twisted nematic (TN) and in-plane switching (IPS). TN displays are the most common and are known for their fast response times and low cost, but they typically have limited viewing angles and mediocre color reproduction. IPS displays, on the other hand, have wider viewing angles and better color reproduction, but they tend to be more expensive.

LCD displays have many advantages, such as being thin, lightweight, and energy-efficient. They are also relatively durable and have no problems with image burn-in like older CRT screens. On the other hand, they also have some downsides such as limited viewing angles, color shift and also slow response time on some cases.

How to: Change the LCD panel MacBook Air A1466

How To Replace A MacBook Air (A1466) Screen

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