Power Supply Mac mini A1993 2018

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Power Supply Replacement Part for Mac mini 2018

A defective Mac mini power supply can easily be replaced.

Late 2018 20181030 MRTR2LL/A A1993 EMC 3213 Für Mac mini 8,1 3,6 GHz Core i3 (I3-8100)
Late 2018 20181030 MRTT2LL/A A1993 EMC 3213 Für Mac mini 8,1 3,0 GHz Core i5
Late 2018 20181030 BTO/CTO A1993 EMC 3213 Für Mac mini 8,1 3,2 GHz Core i7

The power supply unit (PSU) in the 2018 Mac mini is a key component that is responsible for supplying power to all of the other components in the computer. The Mac mini 2018 features a single power supply, which is located inside the computer and is not user-replaceable.

The power supply in the 2018 Mac mini is designed to be highly efficient and is able to deliver a steady stream of power to the computer even under demanding workloads. It is also designed to be reliable and has a long lifespan, so it is unlikely that you will need to replace the power supply in your Mac mini unless it experiences a failure.

How to replace power supply of Mac mini 2018

Late 2018 Mac mini A1993 Disassembly RAM Upgrade Fan Logicboard Motherboard Power Supply PSU Repair


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