Trackpad MacBook Pro 13″ A1706 A1708

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Trackpad MacBook Pro 13″ A1706 A1708 Replacement Part

The MacBook Pro 13-inch (2016) features a larger trackpad than previous models, known as the “Force Touch trackpad”. The trackpad is about 20% larger than the one found on the previous MacBook Pro 13-inch models and it uses Apple’s Force Touch technology. This technology allows for a more precise tracking and a more responsive click, it also enables new gesture controls like Force click and 3D Touch.

The Force Touch trackpad uses haptic feedback to simulate clicks, which can be adjusted to the user’s preference. It also does not physically move when pressed, which helps to provide a more stable typing experience. The larger size of the trackpad also provides more room for gestures, making it easier to navigate and control your MacBook Pro.


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