DC-IN Jack Board MacBook Pro 13″ A1425

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DC-IN Jack Board MacBook Pro 13″ A1425 Replacement Part

MagSafe is a proprietary magnetic power connector developed by Apple Inc. for their MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops. MagSafe was first introduced in 2006, and has undergone several advancements over the years. Some of the main advances of MagSafe include:

Safety: MagSafe is designed to disconnect easily from the laptop in case someone trips over the power cord, preventing the laptop from being pulled off a surface or the cord from being damaged.

Convenience: MagSafe allows users to quickly and easily connect and disconnect the power cord from the laptop, without having to fumble with a traditional plug-and-socket connection.

Power adapter awareness: MagSafe included an LED light that indicates the power status of the adapter and warns the user if the adapter is not providing enough power to the laptop.


–Late 2012, MB Pro 13.3 A1425, MD212xx/A, EMC 2557

–Early 2013, MB Pro 13.3 A1425, ME662xx/A, EMC 2672


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