DC-IN USB-C Board MacBook Air A1932

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Spare Par DC-IN USB-C Board MacBook Air

If the USB-C ports are damaged or maybe got wet, they can be easily replaced. They are connected to a small circuit board that can be replaced individually.

The MacBook Air (2019) features two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. These ports support charging, data transfer, and video output, and can be used to connect a variety of devices, including external hard drives, displays, and other peripherals that use the USB-C connector. Additionally, you can use an adapter to connect devices that use other types of connectors, such as HDMI or USB-A.

How to replace MacBook Air A1932 USB-C Ports

MacBook Air A1932 2019 Liquid Spill Repair Charge Port Replacement Logicboard Motherboard Removal

🇨🇦USB-C PORTS REPLACEMENT ON MACBOOK AIR 2018-2020 - EASY STEPS - Hamad Benaicha 20+ years


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