DC Magnetic Connector MacBook Pro 14″ A2442

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DC Magnetic Connector MacBook Pro 13″ A2442 Spare Part

If the MagSafe magnetic power connection is defective, it can be replaced in a modular manner.

The MagSafe connector is a feature of the 14-inch MacBook Pro. It is a magnetic power connector that attaches to the MacBook Pro’s charging port, allowing for easy and secure connection and disconnection of the charging cable. The magnetic connection prevents the cable from accidentally getting pulled out or tripping over the cord, which can cause damage to the MacBook Pro or the power cord. The MagSafe technology uses a series of magnets around the charging port to keep the cable securely in place, while still allowing for easy disconnection when needed. The MagSafe connector also allows for fast charging, with the MacBook Pro able to charge up to 50% in around 30 minutes.

How to: Replace MacBook 14″ A2442 DC Magnetic Connector

M1 MacBook Pro 14" | Tear-Down Disassembly ( A2442 )



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