Keyboard MacBook Air A1466 Layout US

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Keyboard MacBook Air A1466 Layout US Spare Part

New A1466 Keyboard For Macbook Air 13.3 inch A1369

The MacBook Air model A1466 has lots of little screws that need to be removed in order to replace the keyboard. It is important to keep track of which screws go where during the disassembly process to ensure proper reassembly. It is also recommended to use the proper tools and to refer to a guide or instructions when replacing the keyboard to ensure a successful repair. The good new is that this is just grunt work and the replacement is quite easy.

Backlight Screw MC 2469 2559 2632 2924 2925 3178 2011-2017 Year



How to Replace MacBook Air A1466 Keyboard

Macbook Air A1466 - Keyboard replacement [4k]



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