Keyboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2159 Layout US

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Keyboard MacBook Pro 13″ A2159 Spare Part

The Butterfly keyboard and the Scissor keyboard are the two types of keyboard mechanisms used in MacBook Pro laptops.

The Butterfly keyboard was first introduced in the MacBook Pro in 2015, and it uses a butterfly mechanism to actuate the keys. It features a low profile design, with the keys sitting closer to the surface of the keyboard. This design was intended to make the keyboard more stable and provide a more consistent typing experience. However, the Butterfly keyboard was criticized for its poor durability and tendency to fail due to dust and debris getting under the keys.

The Scissor keyboard, on the other hand, uses a scissor mechanism to actuate the keys and has been used in previous versions of the MacBook Pro. It is more traditional in design, with the keys sitting higher above the keyboard surface. The scissor mechanism is more robust and resistant to dust and debris, providing a more reliable typing experience.

In 2020, Apple has phased out Butterfly keyboard and replaced it with a new keyboard design called the “Magic Keyboard” which uses a scissor mechanism, it’s been used in recent MacBook Pro laptops.


How to: Replace MacBook 13″ A2159 Keyboard

MacBook Pro A1989 A1990 A2141 A2159 Proper Keyboard replacement. Addition to A1708 Keyboard Video.



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