Touch Bar MacBook Pro 13″ A2159

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Touch Bar MacBook Pro 13″ A2159 Spare Part

The Touch Bar can also fail as a separate component. A replacement is possible, but needs some patience.

The Touch Bar is a thin strip of glass located above the keyboard on certain MacBook Pro models. It replaces the traditional function keys (F1, F2, etc.) on the keyboard and provides a dynamic, context-sensitive set of controls that change depending on the application or task you are working on.

The Touch Bar has a built-in touch-sensitive strip that can display a variety of controls, such as buttons, sliders, and dials. For example, when you’re using an app like iTunes, the Touch Bar can display playback controls, such as play, pause, and volume. When you’re working in a program like Final Cut Pro, the Touch Bar can display shortcuts for editing video. And when you’re typing in a text editor, the Touch Bar can display suggestions for autocomplete and formatting.

Additionally, the Touch Bar can also be used for Touch ID, a feature that allows you to unlock your MacBook Pro and make purchases with Apple Pay using your fingerprint.

The Touch Bar is an optional feature and not all MacBook Pro models include it.


How to: Replace MacBook 13″ A2159 Touch Bar

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