Lightning Port Cable iPhone 6 Plus 2014 A1522 A1524 A1593

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The battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus is generally good, and it should be able to last for a full day of moderate to heavy use on a single charge. However, the specific amount of audio playback time that you can expect from the iPhone 6 Plus will depend on a number of factors, including the volume level at which you listen to your music, the type of headphones or speakers that you use, and the specific content that you’re playing.

As a general rule, you can expect the iPhone 6 Plus to be able to play audio for several hours on a single charge. However, it’s worth noting that the battery life of any device will vary depending on how it is used and the specific conditions under which it is used.


How to Replace iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Charging Port

iPhone 6 Plus Charging Port Replacement How To Change



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