Bottom Case MacBook Pro 13″ A1425


Bottom Case MacBook Pro 13″ A1425 Replacement Part

The first MacBook Pro with a Retina display, released in 2012, featured a flat design aesthetic. This design was a departure from the previous generation MacBook Pro’s, which had a tapered design with a thicker profile at the back and a thinner profile at the front.

The flat design of the first Retina MacBook Pro was characterized by its clean lines, unibody aluminum construction, and minimalistic look. The laptop was also thinner and lighter than previous models, measuring 0.75 inches thick and weighing 3.57 pounds.

The flat design of the MacBook Pro with Retina display was well received by critics and users alike, who praised its sleek and modern look. The flat design also made the laptop more portable and easier to carry around, making it a popular choice for professionals and creatives who needed a powerful laptop to work on the go.



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