Topcase Keyboard MacBook Pro 15″ A1707 silver Layout US

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Topcase Keyboard MacBook Pro 15″ A1707 silver US Replacement Part

A MacBook Pro topcase is the upper part of the MacBook Pro’s housing that includes the keyboard, touchpad, and battery. It’s a single assembly that sits on top of the lower case (which includes the logic board, cooling system, speakers, etc.) and is connected to it via a few screws. The topcase also includes the battery connector, keyboard connector, and touchpad connector, which all connect to the logic board. It also includes the power button and the keyboard backlight. It’s the part of the MacBook Pro that the user interacts with the most and is the most visible part of the device, it’s also the part that is most prone to wear and tear due to its constant use.


— Late 2016, MB Pro Retina 15,4 “A1707, MLH32LL/AMLH42LL/A, EMC 3072

— Mid 2017, MB ProRetina15,4 “A1707, MPTR2LL/A MPTT2LL/A, EMC 3162


How to Replace Topcase MacBook Pro 15″ A1707

How to Take Apart the 2016 15" Macbook Pro with Touchbar A1707

MacBook Pro Retina 2017 15" A1707 Замена Топкейса. Topcase Replacement Retina Touch Bar



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